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6 so that the fastest way he knows how you feel

Process approach will not be successful if the gebetan insensitive let alone to consider us only as the sister even just a friend. For that you must be good to send signals that the gebetan love to know what you actually feel.

Perhaps you are one shy of saying your feelings. You think it's because of me trelalu quick to express feelings on the gebetan. Especially if you have only met once, twice and only knew a few days.

On the other hand you do not want if the spouse taken even further into the arms of others. Here's the point of being and issuing signals spouse love that is sensitive to your feelings.
Here are some ways to make spouse more sensitive to your feelings:

1.      Responding activity
Keep you always comforted her and was always there when he needed it. With the concerns of small but can make the gebetan feel comfortable.

2.      Diligent sent word
Always send messages and news to make the gebetan know that you like it. Then he will feel overlooked by you.

3.      Use social media
Use social media to insinuate the gebetan but try if the gebetan are online.

4.      Joking while insinuating
Use sweet nothings who could make him laugh lest he vomit hear. Do not go overboard, try to appear as simple as possible but still elegant.

5.      Curhat to a friend spouse
Use friends to help you get close and let me know your feelings to friends spouse.

6.      Prioritize your spouse
 Do the things that can make your spouse feel your priorities and only him you did it all

5 Best Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Together Couple

Hasil gambar untuk liburan bersama pasanganHoliday recreation is made to reduce the stress of everyday activities exhausting. Various problems encountered can be lost while in vacation out of town. Especially if holidaying with friends who will make the atmosphere more enjoyable and memorable.

In addition, research shows that a vacation as a couple will make a relationship or a marriage more harmonious. Try every month you as a couple on vacation to make your relationship will be more lasting and reduce the level of bored with each other.

Here are some ways that must be done to enjoy the holidays with family:

1.      Avoid incoming call or message, unless an important message from your boss or family. Make it a mutual agreement not to be too concerned hp briefly while you are still together.
2.      Avoid contention. In case of dispute try to give in and understand what is desired by your partner.
3.      Documenting the holiday together. Do not get to skip this because when we met and documented when you miss or even anger. You do not accidentally find documentation that will make you lose feeling nostalgic and selfishness you two.
4.      Make a romantic activity. Such as feeding, holding, putting on something and romantic place to eat or take her to a romantic place. Things like that will not be easily forgotten by a woman.
5.      If you meet the other couples there, you also know you do not follow enough to be myself without imposing to be someone else.

4 Best Ways to Enjoy New Year's Eve in Indonesia

Hasil gambar untuk tahun baru di jakartaAt the end of 2015 these have you made the agenda of what will be done to enjoy the New Year's Eve? If not I will help tone to solve your problems. For most people enjoy a New Year's Eve just to enjoy music events, eating together, playing fireworks and spend time chatting.

I'm bored already enjoyed a New Year's Eve as usual. wanted  New Year's Eve is different from previous nights. Here are some fun and exciting ways to enjoy your New Year's Eve:

1.      Jakarta Night festival
Jakarta offers a wide variety of entertainment that you can try to spoil your eyes. By enjoying the appearance of such capital srtis roundabout Ancol, Peak, and others.

2.      On vacation out of town
You can enjoy New Year's Eve in the thousand islands serving a variety of cultural and romantic places. Together with your friends and all enjoyed the first dawn in the thousand islands will definitely impress.

3.      Climb Mt.
With the enchanting beauty of Mount Bromo serving top sights such as the State in the Cloud will make you amazed and felt the first dawn in 2016 from the top of Mount Bromo.

4.      Celebrating at home
Spending time with family, friends, friends and couples do not always come out of the house. If you get tired of enjoying the New Year's Eve outside the house try this way to enjoy New Year's Eve fun at home. Invite a friend to play home to celebrate together. Grilled fish, corn or whatever you like. Do not forget to buy fireworks as a complement. Buy or download the latest movie to watch together.